The days of the one-size fits-all approach are long gone. By fusing innovation with a tried and tested fabrication process, the SeaBox Depot team provides custom sized containers to perfectly suit the requirements of our clients. Custom container solutions are a literal space-saver that lets us exceed the constraints of conventional containers. It’s our mission to provide customers with a complete turnkey solution when they leave. Don’t allow the footprint of a basic container limit your project – whether that involves increasing a container’s height, making it longer, shorter, or wider, we’ll make sure you’ve got the right size for the required job.


Every stage of our projects are worked on by a skilled trade specialist. From design to engineering, welding to carpentry, plumbing to electrical, we have you covered from one end of the container to the other.

We work only with industry-best materials, parts, and accessories to completely customize each phase of the design and fabrication process. We can work from our customer’s specifications or directly with organizations to design new solutions together. Every part we use to enhance our structures, either for replacement or customization, is Industry Certified.