Helping our customers find the perfect space management solution when a permanent structure isn’t required is a huge component to our business.

With an ever growing rental fleet, SeaBox Depot is both ready and willing to accommodate your needs. Starting with an 8′ container to a 40′ container, along with every size in between, we have the unit you are looking for. With basic dry-freight containers, tool cribs, office units and basic modified units, SeaBox Depot has the ability to provide the rental solution you require.

Whether it’s a long term or short term rental, we can work with you to meet your budget, timeline and any specific requirements of your rental. And don’t worry – we deliver.

how much does it cost?

20′ Single Use Units – $149/month

40′ Used (standard or high cube) – $159/month

20′ Used with a Condensation Stop Package – $149/month

40′ Used with a Condensation Stop Package – $179/month


Office Rentals

Furniture rentals available

20′ – $595/month

40′ – $895/month


Tool Crib Rentals

20′ – $395/month

40′ – $595/month