Condensation Package

Regulating differences in temperature within your container is incredibly important. While a simple container may work great in the short term, we highly recommend fitting containers with our condensation package to make sure our clients are covered for the long term. The package includes a spray foam coating on the ceiling, two large vents, a lock box and SOBO lock. This ensures that condensation won’t form inside the container and protects anything stored inside from water or moisture damage.

Spray Foam

Our most common add-on, polyurethane spray foam is a versatile solution to many problems. It serves as a water barrier, thermal barrier and stabilizes a unit. Think of spray foam as the least expensive insurance you can get to protect the items inside of your container.

Not only is spray foam an effective sealant to stop condensation from forming, but it also acts as a powerful sound barrier by clogging gaps between the insulation and container wall and preventing air flow. Our polyurethane spray foam is applied by our certified spray foam installers on site.

While we do offer mineral fibre insulation as a budget option, it isn’t air tight and doesn’t help control condensation build up.


From unique colour patterns to preventative maintenance, there are plenty of reasons to paint a customized container. SeaBox provides custom paint solutions which are administered by our experienced painters on site.

Splash & Dash

This option is simply aesthetic. We do a quick coverage with high quality enamel paint to cover any rust, no sandblasting involved.

Sandblast & Enamel

Before painting, we sandblast the container down the to the original steel to remove any and all rust. Our high quality enamel paint is a budget friendly option that has a softer finish than the urethane paint and will begin to fade in 3-5 years.

Sandblast & Urethane

By far the best option for longevity and quality, our sandblasted and two-part urethane painted containers will stand up to harsh environments and weather conditions. It’s the option of choice for our oilfield clients and typically won’t show any wear or fading for 10+ years.


Rubberized Liner

At SeaBox we believe in ingenuity and customization at every step of the process. When we couldn’t find a box liner company to provide reasonably priced applications, we purchased our own top of the line Bayer equipment.

We use this professional equipment, for several new and creative applications to find the best possible finish for each project. Rubberized liners can be used on the interior and exterior of containers and for containment coverage on floors.

The perfect solution for many of our modular buildings (tool cribs, offices, wash cars, lunchrooms, etc) our non-slip, waterproof, floor coating provides flex without  bubbling. They are durable, inexpensive and nice to look at too!

Did you know?

We’re currently experimenting with the liner for our future Blast Resistant Buildings. Most Blast Resistant Buildings currently require 8PSI but our buildings will be over 10 PSI because our innovative usage of spray liners adds 2.5PSI to each structure.

We are very proud of our spray applications and continue to experiment with them for the benefit of our client’s needs.