Custom manufacturing

Our manufacturing process focuses on creative, unique solutions for our client’s needs. If it can be made out of steel, we can do it. While we can manufacture anything you can think of, some of our most popular items are spreader bars and skids.

Spreader Bars

Our spreader bars distribute the load when lifting. Using spreader bars when moving your container moves the weight concentration point from the centre of the unit to the sides. This adds strength and stability by preventing bending, twisting or breakage and depending on the unit, may be required by the modular engineering specifications.

All SeaBox spreader bars are MPI’d, engineered and custom built for our client’s particular specifications. Managing loads from 1/2 ton to 30 ton, we can create a spreader bar solution for you that is both practical and safe. We can custom manufacture spreader bars or you can choose from the inventory of spreader bars we already have on site.


Adding a skid to your container is a great idea. A skid not only allows for more efficient mobility and delivery, it also reinforces a container and makes it a stronger, more durable unit. Being able to drag a container on and off a truck or around a site on skids rather than having to lift it makes it possible to move in inclement weather conditions like ice or mud without damaging it.

We build both weld on or twist on skids in any and all sizes to accommodate our custom containers. Weld on skids are permanent while twist lock skids use corner castings to attach to. Twist locks are a popular choice for clients with multiple units as they can be used with any SeaBox unit of similar size.

We can custom manufacture skids of any size and shape or you can choose from the inventory of spreader bars we already have on site.

Did you know?

Our skids are always CWB certified. They have a 8×24 wide flange beam and can also come with an optional checker plate landing that makes entry into the unit convenient and practical.