SeaBox Depot always has a variety of both new and used dry freight containers available. Choosing a container can always be tricky – it’s always good practice to see what you’re going to get before you buy it. That’s why we always have units available on site, to be viewed and chosen.

All units are cargo-worthy. What does this mean? Every unit in stock can be re-surveyed to ship overseas – they are wind, water and light tight, with no major dents.

As a standard, all basic dry freight containers come equipped with a pair of lockable double  doors on one end, marine grade plywood flooring and rugged corrugated Corten steel paneling. SeaBox Depot provides industry standard 20′ and 40′ containers but also carries every size from 8′ to 53′, including specialty units such as double-door, open top, open side and reefer (refrigerated) units.

SeaBox Depot understands unique requirements and knows that modifications to a basic container can be the required step to meeting those requirements. By sharing our expertise, we ensure that our clients walk away satisfied knowing that they made an educated purchase.

Good to Know

All SeaBox containers:

  • are available to be seen, touched, and felt prior to purchase
  • can be widened, heightened or lengthened to allow for greater versatility

Did you know that Containers Condensate? Ask us about our Condensation Stop Package!

Frequently Asked Questions


We offer a Condensation Stop Package that prevents moisture accumulation on the inside and roof of the container. We’re so confident it works, we guarantee it.


20′ and 40′ containers are industry standard, but SeaBox Depot carries sizes ranging from 8′ to 53′ long.


All containers sold by SeaBox are cargo-worthy; meaning they are wind, water, and light tight…and yes, they are rodent proof too.


Yes! SeaBox Depot carries a large inventory of containers in all sizes and conditions. Visit us at our shop in Leduc where you can pick out your container of choice.