Seabox Depot guarantees swift and efficient transport of your container or modular build upon departure from our site, we have all the details covered. We have top of the line equipment and experienced delivery drivers to guarantee a seamless transportation process.

The Delivery Process:

  • The Seabox Delivery truck and trailer are approximately ‘70 long
  • The Seabox delivery truck and trailer have a combined weight of 37,000 lbs
  • Our Driver will require at least 120 feet of straight/open area to drop the container into place
  • We have trained drivers who are experienced in delivering and picking up containers.
  • They will do their best to locate your container(s) in the area you have designated however they do have the right to refuse if the location will cause property damage or damage to our truck and trailer.
  • Our drivers take pride in ensuring your delivery is handled professionally and without damage
Sea Can / Shipping Container for Sale Alberta - Seabox Depot - Edmonton, AB

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